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Welcome, we are thrilled that you’d like to join our team!

TBD Racing is Tough By Design and aims to be The Best Damn Racing Team out there. This team was started as a place for like-minded endurance athletes of all backgrounds to come together and create a community. In general, endurance sports are a very solitary endeavor. We often train alone and race alone. We spend hours alone out on the road or tucked away in our little caves, endlessly turning our feet on our self-imposed hamster wheels. While many times that solitude can be invigorating, even necessary, it can also be quite lonely.

We all have our own very individual and personal reasons for racing. In the end, you are and always will be, racing for yourself, not a team. However we believe that the camaraderie of a team is what makes any sport great. Teams give you a place to belong, a community of people that understand your training and racing. They provide you with an athletic family to fall back on for support and encouragement. Teams can keep you going in times of hardship and self-doubt. For this reason, TBD Racing was created. 2019 will be our second season.

We invite you to take a moment to go over our FAQs here. After reading our FAQ’s please use the form at the bottom of this page to apply to our team. 2019 is sure to be an exciting season and we’d love to welcome you to our little family.