Product Care

Fabric Care

T-shirts and Sweaters

All of our t-shirts and sweaters have been fully tested. We include polyester blends in almost all of our apparel to keep shrinkage minimal. We suggest washing all of our clothing in cool water. Tumble drying our regular t-shirts and sweaters is okay. Please do not iron over any of our printed material, this will damage the graphic.


T-shirts and Sweaters with Gold Foil Printing

We suggest hand-washing our gold foil printed shirts for lasting durability. For best results, turn garment inside out. Hand wash on cold, delicate cycle, then line or air dry. For maximum durability do not place in dryer. Please do not iron over any of our printed material, this will damage the graphic.


Tech Shirts and Sweaters

All of our tech gear is either 100% polyester or a high polyester blend. These will not shrink. Wash in cool water and avoid fabric softener to preserve the life of your tech gear. While our tech gear can be tumble dried, tech gear will last significantly longer if hung dry. Tech gear dries quickly and won’t wrinkle when hung dry. Do not iron any tech gear.


Hats, Buffs and Beanies

Hand wash all hats, buffs and beanies with mild soap. Do not place in a washing machine or dryer. Lay flat to dry.





All of our mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe. The mugs are printed directly onto the hard-coated surface. The graphic will not wash off or get damaged in the microwave. Do not bake.


Wine Glasses

All of our wine glasses are customized with vinyl prints. These prints are rated for outdoor and indoor use and can withstand a pretty good beating, but they are not rated for high heat or the dishwasher. Please wash by hand in moderate temperature water to preserve the life of your wine glasses.


Wall Graphics

Our wall graphics are designed to be easily removed and re-positioned, however once you firmly press the design into your wall, you may have trouble re-sticking it to a new position if you change your mind on it’s location in a few months. These are designed for flat surfaced walls with paint, wall paper, glass, metal, ceramic or mild texturing. They will not work on brick surfaces and are rated for indoor use. Do not use in a high humidity/wet environment (ie. the bathroom), we cannot guarantee the life of your graphic if it is continually subject to moisture. Moisture caused by sweat (ex a workout room) is fine.


Car Decals

Our car decals are rated for outdoor use and to withstand any weather. They are easily removed when you no longer wish to use them. Removal can be done by slowly pulling the graphic off of your surface. You may also heat up the graphic with a small hair dryer to make this removal process easier. The glue becomes tacky and easier to handle if it is heated up.


Temporary Tattoos

Our temporary tattoos have been fully tested. They should withstand your race and then some. The average tattoo will last over a week and up to two and a half weeks if properly taken care of. Do not apply sunscreen directly over your tattoo, especially spray on sunscreen. This will degrade the tattoo. We suggest applying your sunscreen first and allowing yourself to fully dry before applying the tattoo. Allow your tattoo to dry completely before putting on any clothing or wetsuits. If you place your tattoo in a spot that is continually rubbed by a piece of clothing it may degrade faster. Our favorite tattoo spots are the calves, inner arm, outer legs or shoulder blades. These spots get the least amount of friction and seem to last the longest.