2-Pack Beast Mode Temporary Tattoo


Get your Beast Mode on with our Beast Mode tattoos. Our tattoos are tried and tested. They will last your entire race and then some! The average lifespan of our tattoos is over a week! Check our product description below for information on how best to take care of your temporary tattoos.

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Size: 2″ wide x 2″ tall (2-pack)

Made in the USA.

Our temporary tattoos have been fully tested. They should withstand your race and then some. The average tattoo will last over a week and up to two and a half weeks if properly taken care of. Do not apply sunscreen directly over your tattoo, especially spray on sunscreen. This will degrade the tattoo. We suggest applying your sunscreen first and allowing yourself to fully dry before applying the tattoo. Allow your tattoo to dry completely before putting on any clothing or wetsuits. If you place your tattoo in a spot that is continually rubbed by a piece of clothing it may degrade faster. Our favorite tattoo spots are the calves, inner arm, outer legs or shoulder blades. These spots get the least amount of friction and seem to last the longest.


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