Gear Heart Wall Art


Spruce up your pain cave with this Gear Heart wall graphic! The perfect way to add a little flavor to your room without worrying about damaging your walls. All of our wall graphics are fully and easily removable, with no residue left behind!

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Size: 6″ tall by 6″ wide.

Materials: Interior grade vinyl.

Care: Our wall graphics are designed to be easily removed and re-positioned, however once you firmly press the design into your wall, you may have trouble re-sticking it to a new position if you change your mind on it’s location in a few months. These are designed for flat surfaced walls with paint, wall paper, glass, metal, ceramic or mild texturing. They will not work on brick surfaces and are rated for indoor use. Do not use in a high humidity/wet environment (ie. the bathroom), we cannot guarantee the life of your graphic if it is continually subject to moisture. Moisture caused by sweat (ex a workout room) is fine.

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