Wall Art Instructions

1. Surface Preparation
Use a tape measure or a ruler to determine the exact area where the application will be placed. Make sure the surface is clean and smooth. This application will not adhere to stucco or brick like surfaces.
Words can be cut apart and stacked in rows, put on an angle, or arranged around and on windows, doors or on most wallpaper. Taping them lightly in place first will help you plan your layout.

2. Prepare Your Wall Art
Some applications will come in rolls because of the length. Unwrap the application and let it set flat until it stops wanting to roll back up. The application has a transfer tape (looks and feels like white masking tape) on one side and backing paper on the other. Before peeling the back paper off, rub the surface of transfer tape to insure the applications is adhered solidly to the transfer tape. Letters or shapes may pull away slightly from the transfer tape during shipping.

3. Application
Slowly and carefully pull the white backing paper off of your transfer. The graphic will remain on your transfer tape. Carefully line up your transfer on your wall in the position you want it. If you lightly tack the corners of your transfer you can step back and reposition your transfer before firmly pressing it onto your surface.

4. Press
Using a credit card press the entire graphic into the wall firmly taking care to go over each letter. Make sure no air bubbles are left under the transfer. We recommend repeating this process twice.

5. Transfer Tape Removal
Carefully peel back the transfer tape. This will leave the application on your surface. If parts of your graphic start to pull up as you remove the tape, just push them back down to the wall with your finger. We recommend running your thumb over the entire transfer after pressing to make sure it has adhered well to your wall. Walls that have a slight texture may need an extra pass over after you remove the tape.

6. Enjoy Your New Wall Art